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Life With Vaping

VAPEBOX & Shout Outs to Suck my Mod and Duke Carico

I got my April VAPEBOX and wanted to share it with you all. I also wanted to acknowledge two others, Suck my Mod and Duke Carico for their kind words.

Search for CiaoVapes, Suck my Mod and Duke Carico on YouTube and please subscribe.

How ArmedVaper Mixes and DIY Juices

I have had request to show How I mix and DIY my juices. So sit back and relax, nothing much complicated here it's really very simple to do.
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Thanks to my viewers for tuning into my premier show "Squirtle Time" on Vapers Nation.

Thanks to my viewers for tuning into my premier show "Squirtle Time" on Vapers Nation.

Exciting Announcement: I'm Going To Be A.....

You will just have to watch.........

Spencer Mountain Woodcrafts storage box review

I purchase a storage box for my mods & attys from Spencer Mountain Woodcrafts. Here is do my style of a review of the box I received. I assure you that I am completely biased in my review.
You can check out their products on their Facebook page.

Tour of My Office, a little Commentary and the Vapor Shark DNA

Today I do something a little different by satisfying some of you out there with a tour of my office. I then have a little commentary on the use of inflammatory jargon and phrases used by the media. Lastly I show you my brand new Vapor Shark DNA.

Are comments and notifications broken in YouTube? My Google Rant

Are comments and notification broken in YouTube? My Google Rant
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Why Spoil it...

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Leaky Drooly Clearomizer

Life With Vaping segment gets down on the DROOLER! You know those leaky clearomizers, the whys the how comes, the how do I just avoid the whole mess. Get your drool cup out and lets have a look.
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Fogger V2 Review Not? and a shout out to a viewer

Ok, so I procrastinated long enough, some of you requested that I do the Fogger review.
Can you say P O S.....
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What does a mechanical self-winding watch have to do with vaping and steeping, why?

I don't want to spoil it for you so you will just have to watch... No pun intended, LOL.
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VapingCookie & ArmedVaper VP Live Network Host Contest Replay

For all of you out there that missed our VP Live Network Live Show her is the replay. Yes VapingCookie and the ArmedVaper were on the VP Live Network Saturday October 12th 2013 in our bid to become hosts of our own show. Come on, you know you want to watch, we had great fun and so will you!

What does a pool noodle have to do with vaping?

What does a pool noodle have to do with vaping? Well you will just have to watch and see.
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Chain Vaping Rig and What's up with the runny nose...

Ok, Ok I admit it, I'm a chain vaper. I show you and go over my chain vaping rig as well as the rational behind it. I also pose or rather seek out what the heck is up with the runny nose.
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LifeWithVaping Promo VP Live Network

Howdy All Stephanie (VapingCookie and I are doing a LIVE video demo show on The VP Live Network. It will be on October 12th a 9PM and you can tune in by going to So set aside that date and lets all have some fun!

Having a bad vaping day?

Last week I had a couple of really bad vaping days so I talk about that experience and what may have helped me get through it. I also have registered two new domain names, (which will be my handle) and both of which will point to the same website. Try to set aside Oct 5th at 9pm because VapingCookie and I will be hosting a show on the VP Live network, just google it if you don't know about the VapeTeam. I also cover my Kayaking with vaping, I did have a brain fart saying we went on Moday, well it was last Friday.

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How to deal with the grunge and gunk on your coil.

If you been having a drop off performance of your atty/coil such as the flavor not what it was or you aren't getting the hit you are use to then maybe it's time to take a look at your coil. It's fairly simple to take care of that nasty buildup that accumulates on your coil and all you need is a little bit of time and patience. I also go into a bit about mechanical vs regulated mods and why you would use one over the other.

Vaping, High Maintenance or What?

Living with Vaping, Vaping for life is what I'm about. I pontificate about some of what's involved in the day to day dealing with the different levels of vaping from disposables up to rebuildables. Vaping is a life changing event and you have to be prepaired to deal with the fact you will have to make lifestyle changes.

Batteries and the VAPING time you get out of them, Issue one.

I go over what I'm experiencing regarding vaping battery life. I go over some basics of the batteries I'm currently using. I did make a miss-statement when taking about what setting I was using on my iTaste VV V3, I said 8.5 volts, I meant to say it was set to 8.5 watts. Silly me, the unit can only go up to a max of 5 volts. The iTaste is 800 mah as I stated voltage goes from 3.3 to 5.0 wattage goes from 6 to 11. My eGo CTwist is a knock off and is rated at 1100 mah.

Shout out to VapingCookie and Lynette3232 keep up the good work.

The Gurgle and how to deal with it

How to deal with the gurgle and other ramblings.
This was my first temp at a two camera shoot and I did mess up with the sound and the format, you may have to turn it up a bit. I'll do better next time.

E-Juice, E-liquid, Nicquid my trials and tribulations

E-juice, E-liquid, Nicquid.
What ever you call it I cover my trials and tribulations with the liquid stuff.
How do you find something you like to vape?
Thousand upon thousands of flavors???
Stick e-cig cartridges and those ridiculous number of cigarette packs or cartons they say they equal or maybe the number of puffs.
Cost is a rip.
How to maybe deal with e-juice you have that you don't like or that maybe is to strong.
Nicotine levels...
As always if you would like me to cover something just leave a comment.

Also at the end when i was dealing with the ratio of 2 to 1 which would be a total of 3 combined you would only add 3 not six of the cutting agent to equal a total of 6.