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COIL MASTER 521 & DIY KIT Review & vertical build for Aromamizer RDTA

Some great gear from COIL MASTERr and I do a vertical build for the Aromamizer RDTA

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Coil Master DIY Kit Review

Outstanding Coil Master with your DIY kit.

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Coil Master Provide by Coil Master for Review

This Coil Master coiling jig makes the perfect coil every time. Cost only $25.99 and comes in three colors black, blue or red. You can get yours at the link below.

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Origen Genesis V2 Musings and Build

For my Buddy Vape Miser, I take you through the soup to nut on the Origen Genesis V2 by Norbert.

This is a link to Vape Miser Youtube channel

These are links to where you can purchase an authentic.

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Vertex Clone RDA by Angelcigs Review & Build

I do a review and build of the Vertex Clone RDA by Angelcigs. I do a build from the perspective of "I Just don't give a shit" non educated but please do it safe.

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Nautilus Temperature Sensing Coils from VAPORSHARK

Yes indeed, VaporShark has Aspire making TSP coils for them. Now you can use your Nautilus and Mini-Nautilus on your Evolv DNA40

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Dominus Mods Copper Hybrid Hilt Review (Voltage Drop - Part 3)

The Hybrid Copper Hilt from Dominus Mods I quite a significant upgrade indeed.

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Lord's Edition Upgrade (Voltage Drop What is it - part 2)

In this video I install the Lord's edition upgrade to my Dominos Fecit mod to make it a better performer.

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Voltage Drop What Is It - part 1

I take a look at voltage drop.

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MicroCoil Pro for Android APP By Swiss Vaping Precision Announcement

It's here, it has been released... All of you who have been waiting for MicroCoil Pro Android APP version..... By the Swiss Vaping Precision

Here is a link to my instructional review

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Stingray Switch & General Mech Mod Maintenance

Well Wayne Jb you asked for it.

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King's Barrel E-Liquid Review Followup

I go over the flavor profiles AND a bit more...
Here are some links where you can find King's Barrel E-Liquid. Has our Kings Barrel - Has our Black Label - Carries a few of our gen natural line and hollywood line

Also if they would like their local smoke shop or vape shop to carry our e-juice they can simply ask them to order through us. Good thing about that is that we have no minumun order so they can just order what the customer would like.

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Kryptonite Vapor 454 RDA Review & Build

454 BIG BLOCK, ah those were the days... Soup to almost nuts on the Kryptonite 454 plus I do a dual vertical micro coil build on it. Can you handle it? Is this your Kryptonite?

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Deserted Island Vape Challenge

I was called out by Vape Miser for the Deserted Island Vape Challenge so here you go Mike. I now Call out and challenge Muffin Clouds and both Matt & Vanessa from Suck My Mod.

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Muji Japan 4 Layer Cotton Pad Review

An alternative to that other stuff.

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Rayon vs Organic Cotton

I discuss what Rayon is and my experience with it.

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Horizontal Coil with Rayon on My Kraken the ArmedVaper Way

Yes indeed instead of a vertical coil I coil my Kraken with a horizontal coil and then wick it with RAYON.

The Gurgle and Vaping Technique

I just wanted to do a little follow up for newer vapers and what may be the underlying cause of their gurgle problems.

Genesis Tips & Tricks

Doing some tips and trick dealing with Genesis attys

Kentucky Josh YouTube channel

Brooklyn Hudsons YouTube channel

I'm Back From Vacation

YES! I'm back from "VACATION". Brooklyn and I will be on live tonight at 10pm EDST on

Live Shows - Just incase you didn't know

Yes, I do live shows and there are many live show available to you from the vaping community. I am a host with Vapersnation and we broadcast on check out the links below.

For all of vapersnation programing check out this link

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One Coil, Two Coil, Three Coil, FOUR - How do I calculate the Final Resistance?

I try to make a little sense out of how to calculate the final resistance for doing multi coils. Hopefully this helps.

Dual Macro Coils With Cotton On The Kraken The ArmedVaper Way

I had a request to do a macro coil setup on my Kraken so here it is in all its glory.

Stainless Steel Cable Wick On A Genesis Atty The ArmedVaper Way

This time I take you through process of setting up stainless steel cable as wick on the genesis atty. Soup to nuts, come along for the ride.

Protank Re-coiling & wicking the ArmedVaper way

I have had many request to do a video on re-coiling & wicking Kanger Protank heads so hear you go.

How ArmedVaper Mixes and DIY Juices

I have had request to show How I mix and DIY my juices. So sit back and relax, nothing much complicated here it's really very simple to do.
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Doing a Cotton U Wick On My Kraken

I show you how I do a cotton U wick on my Kraken. If you do this right it will wick like a dream, no more tilting, no more inverting, no more sucking to create a vacuum to get juice up into the vaping chamber.

My Vaping Odyssey -- Regulated, Mechanical and Attys

Many of you have expressed an interest in my vaping odyssey so that's what I'm going to do. I'll cover what I started with right up to what I'm currently using: sharing my thought process as to how and why I chose the devices I did.

Demystifying the Genesis RBA Part Two the Build

Here we go, I do a tradition ss mesh and coil built on the AGA T2.

Demystifying the Genesis RBA Part One the Fundamentals

During part one I go over the fundamentals of what a Genesis RBA is. The components, some of the differences between high end and lower end, tank materials wick materials,etc. I cover why you torch your Stainless Steel mesh and why it is so important. Part two I will take you through an actual build on an AGA T2.

What to give a potential new vaper for Christmas

My thoughts on what to buy someone who has expressed an interest in vaping for Christmas. Give the gift of life.

Coil Building Part Two - Lets Do It

As promised in this video I do the build of a micro coil to be installed into a Kayfun Lite using organic cotton as a wick..
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Coil Building Part One the Numbers

I have had requests from viewers to show them how I do a coil. Ok there a a lot of videos dealing with this but what the heck I'll do it. In part one I take you through my thought process on how I arrived at the ohm restitance for the coil I want to create. Once again using the ohms law calculator and the wire length calculator I show you how to do the same. Part two will be the actual build process of a coil to put into an original Kayfun Lite.

Just me Blowing Clouds

A little self-indulgent video of me blowing some clouds. You don't have to go to extremes to produce lots of vapor.
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How I Setup My Kraken As A Hybrid Dripper

I take you through my process of building/using a genesis style atomizer as a "Hybrid Dripper" using a micro coil and organic cotton on my Kraken RBA.
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Demystifying Rebuildable's The Principles, Fundamentals & Concepts

In the next installment I cover quite a bit. Wire, wire length calculator, more on ohms law calculator, wick materials, types of coils, how do I determine what ohms/resistance to coil for, tools & equipment needed and more.
PBusardo's wire length calculator
Ohm's law calculator
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Demystifying Rebuildables Part ?

I have had several of you out there in YouTube land to do something on rebuildables well here goes. This first segment mostly cover some different types. how they are used, what to look for in a rebuildable. What are the relationships in rebuildables; how do they apply i.e. air holes, how many and size, adjustable or not, chamber size and the over all general flexibility that rebuildables offer.

Kick with Mechanical Mods, a little continuation of demystifying... PLUS A HALLOWEEN CONTEST

I wanted to expand a little on the mechanical mods especially with the Kick. Plus a special Halloween contest. To qualify to enter the contest you must be a subscriber to my channel then send your entry to put your answer in the subject line. No random drawing, first one that responds with the correct answer WINS!
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Demystifying Mechanical Mods / Are They Safe?

Life With Vaping a mechanical mod, what do you really need to know if you would like to get into mechs. Are you hesitant because of the safety issues? Do you think you need to get into RBAs (rebuildable atomizers) or RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) in order to use mechs? Do you want to know more about the relationship between ohms, power (watts), voltage, amps and what they have to do with vaping safety? Come dance with me and have a watch.
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