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Oct 2013

Leaky Drooly Clearomizer

Life With Vaping segment gets down on the DROOLER! You know those leaky clearomizers, the whys the how comes, the how do I just avoid the whole mess. Get your drool cup out and lets have a look.
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Demystifying Mechanical Mods / Are They Safe?

Life With Vaping a mechanical mod, what do you really need to know if you would like to get into mechs. Are you hesitant because of the safety issues? Do you think you need to get into RBAs (rebuildable atomizers) or RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) in order to use mechs? Do you want to know more about the relationship between ohms, power (watts), voltage, amps and what they have to do with vaping safety? Come dance with me and have a watch.
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Fogger V2 Review Not? and a shout out to a viewer

Ok, so I procrastinated long enough, some of you requested that I do the Fogger review.
Can you say P O S.....
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What does a mechanical self-winding watch have to do with vaping and steeping, why?

I don't want to spoil it for you so you will just have to watch... No pun intended, LOL.
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VapingCookie & ArmedVaper VP Live Network Host Contest Replay

For all of you out there that missed our VP Live Network Live Show her is the replay. Yes VapingCookie and the ArmedVaper were on the VP Live Network Saturday October 12th 2013 in our bid to become hosts of our own show. Come on, you know you want to watch, we had great fun and so will you!

What does a pool noodle have to do with vaping?

What does a pool noodle have to do with vaping? Well you will just have to watch and see.
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Chain Vaping Rig and What's up with the runny nose...

Ok, Ok I admit it, I'm a chain vaper. I show you and go over my chain vaping rig as well as the rational behind it. I also pose or rather seek out what the heck is up with the runny nose.
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LifeWithVaping Promo VP Live Network

Howdy All Stephanie (VapingCookie and I are doing a LIVE video demo show on The VP Live Network. It will be on October 12th a 9PM and you can tune in by going to So set aside that date and lets all have some fun!

Dominus Fecit Mod by Dominus Mods

I purchase the Dominus Fecit mod from Vape Revolution and while checking it out before the purchase I did not see many videos showing off what I consider to be one of the finest and in particular one of my most favored mods I have. So here you go my take on the Dominus Fecit.

VapeRev Outstanding Vendor

I give high praise and kudos to for being such an out standing vendor. I talk about two of my own personal experiences with vaperev and how they went about resolving both situations.