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Nov 2013

Vapor Shark DNA Review

Today after a little torture testing of my Vapor Shark DNA I decided to do this review. Great little DNA.
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Just me Blowing Clouds

A little self-indulgent video of me blowing some clouds. You don't have to go to extremes to produce lots of vapor.
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Tour of My Office, a little Commentary and the Vapor Shark DNA

Today I do something a little different by satisfying some of you out there with a tour of my office. I then have a little commentary on the use of inflammatory jargon and phrases used by the media. Lastly I show you my brand new Vapor Shark DNA.

VapingCookie and I guest on VapeTeam Live

VapingCookie and I where guest on the VapeTeam Live show last night. Lots of fun and lots of talk.


I took issue with some of the issues another prominent reviewer had with the ATOMIC RDA. So I felt compelled to do my own simi review addressing those particular issues.
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How I Setup My Kraken As A Hybrid Dripper

I take you through my process of building/using a genesis style atomizer as a "Hybrid Dripper" using a micro coil and organic cotton on my Kraken RBA.
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Demystifying Rebuildable's The Principles, Fundamentals & Concepts

In the next installment I cover quite a bit. Wire, wire length calculator, more on ohms law calculator, wick materials, types of coils, how do I determine what ohms/resistance to coil for, tools & equipment needed and more.
PBusardo's wire length calculator
Ohm's law calculator
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Are comments and notifications broken in YouTube? My Google Rant

Are comments and notification broken in YouTube? My Google Rant
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Demystifying Rebuildables Part ?

I have had several of you out there in YouTube land to do something on rebuildables well here goes. This first segment mostly cover some different types. how they are used, what to look for in a rebuildable. What are the relationships in rebuildables; how do they apply i.e. air holes, how many and size, adjustable or not, chamber size and the over all general flexibility that rebuildables offer.


Why Spoil it...

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Kick with Mechanical Mods, a little continuation of demystifying... PLUS A HALLOWEEN CONTEST

I wanted to expand a little on the mechanical mods especially with the Kick. Plus a special Halloween contest. To qualify to enter the contest you must be a subscriber to my channel then send your entry to put your answer in the subject line. No random drawing, first one that responds with the correct answer WINS!
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