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Jan 2014

Origen RDA Review by Norbert Made in Hungary

In this video I review the Origen Dripper (RDA). It is a phenomenal RDA and moves to take the top of my list for sure.
Origen Dripper
by Norbert
Made in Hungary
The top cap is very similar to the Origen Genesis, but a little bit shorter chamber.
The finish will be mixed. Base and cap polished, adjust ring brushed.
The air hole will be stepless adjustable.
The center post is brass & knurled nuts are stainless steel.
Wider bore for the center pin because the custom made PEEK insulators are thicker and have a shape after the assembly seals the "tunnel" and the center pin.
There will be 3 through-hole (2mm, 1.5mm, 1.2mm) for dual coil and three single hole (2mm, 1.5mm, 1.2mm) for single coil. So, nine bore holes total.
510 Connection
Diameter: 22mm
*Drip tip & spare parts are included*($15 value)
Price $107.19

Vape General E Liquid Reviews

I review four E Liquids from Vape General, Tobacco, Monkey Food, Cinn-Tastic and Island Breeze. All were 50PG/50VG 12mg in 10ml bottles.
You can find them here at

Doing a Cotton U Wick On My Kraken

I show you how I do a cotton U wick on my Kraken. If you do this right it will wick like a dream, no more tilting, no more inverting, no more sucking to create a vacuum to get juice up into the vaping chamber.

My Own Show Announcement

Along with co-hosting a show on VapersNation I also have my own show. It is on every Tuesday at 8pm est starting TONIGHT! Come join the ArmedVaper live at the link below. for the network site takes you directly to the live feed

My Vaping Odyssey -- Regulated, Mechanical and Attys

Many of you have expressed an interest in my vaping odyssey so that's what I'm going to do. I'll cover what I started with right up to what I'm currently using: sharing my thought process as to how and why I chose the devices I did.

Thanks to my viewers for tuning into my premier show "Squirtle Time" on Vapers Nation.

Thanks to my viewers for tuning into my premier show "Squirtle Time" on Vapers Nation.