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Dec 2013

Exciting Announcement: I'm Going To Be A.....

You will just have to watch.........

BlendFEEL E-Liquid Reviews

BleendFEEL E-Liquid is an Italian base juice company. I do an introduction to them and the what not of how I went about doing the 25, YES 25 juice reviews. Then I go into the reviews. In the video I said I was going to break this up the multiple vids but I decide against it but here are the markers you can skip to.

Tobacco is the first category go to mile marker 7.9m
Dry Blend, Blend Tea Tobac, Gold Tobacco, Burley Blend, Virginia Dry, Redlight and Fidel

Fruits & Clasic go to mile marker 17.2m
Blend Black Ribes, Absolute Licorice, Brasilia Coffe' and Anita's

Liquors go to mile marker 22.9m
Mosca, Moi & Toi, Baia Sardinia and Jamaica Blend

Tobacco Mix go to mile marker 28.6
Vanilla Tobac Blend, Melon Tobac Blend and Festival

Fantasy go to mile marker 32.4
Panna & Fragola, Miele& Mandorle, Simpatie, ChocoWilly, oranShock and Atmos'pear

Links to BlendFEEL Renzo does chat in English

Demystifying the Genesis RBA Part Two the Build

Here we go, I do a tradition ss mesh and coil built on the AGA T2.

Demystifying the Genesis RBA Part One the Fundamentals

During part one I go over the fundamentals of what a Genesis RBA is. The components, some of the differences between high end and lower end, tank materials wick materials,etc. I cover why you torch your Stainless Steel mesh and why it is so important. Part two I will take you through an actual build on an AGA T2.

Vapor Shark DNA Follow Up and Important Info on the DNA20

I do a follow up on the Vapor Shark DNA covering my niggles and some solutions. I also cover something you may run into with a DNA20 device and how to resolve it.

Spencer Mountain Woodcrafts storage box review

I purchase a storage box for my mods & attys from Spencer Mountain Woodcrafts. Here is do my style of a review of the box I received. I assure you that I am completely biased in my review.
You can check out their products on their Facebook page.

What to give a potential new vaper for Christmas

My thoughts on what to buy someone who has expressed an interest in vaping for Christmas. Give the gift of life.

Coil Building Part Two - Lets Do It

As promised in this video I do the build of a micro coil to be installed into a Kayfun Lite using organic cotton as a wick..
Comment below or email me at;

Coil Building Part One the Numbers

I have had requests from viewers to show them how I do a coil. Ok there a a lot of videos dealing with this but what the heck I'll do it. In part one I take you through my thought process on how I arrived at the ohm restitance for the coil I want to create. Once again using the ohms law calculator and the wire length calculator I show you how to do the same. Part two will be the actual build process of a coil to put into an original Kayfun Lite.