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Aug 2013

E-Juice, E-liquid, Nicquid my trials and tribulations

E-juice, E-liquid, Nicquid.
What ever you call it I cover my trials and tribulations with the liquid stuff.
How do you find something you like to vape?
Thousand upon thousands of flavors???
Stick e-cig cartridges and those ridiculous number of cigarette packs or cartons they say they equal or maybe the number of puffs.
Cost is a rip.
How to maybe deal with e-juice you have that you don't like or that maybe is to strong.
Nicotine levels...
As always if you would like me to cover something just leave a comment.

Also at the end when i was dealing with the ratio of 2 to 1 which would be a total of 3 combined you would only add 3 not six of the cutting agent to equal a total of 6.

E-cigarettes, want to give it a try?

Some advice for you that want to try e-cigarettes or vaping. Just try to remember what it was like when you first tried smoking. Oh and if you all have anything in mind as to what you would like me to cover feel free to mention them in the comments.

My vaping experience and perspective

This is my first video blog entry dealing with my vaping experience. I'm a retired 60 year old so that is where my perspective is coming from. I give you a little background and how I got to vaping. My intent in not to necessarily do reviews but rather come at this from a users perspective and all the day in and day crap that one may have to deal with. There are many great people that do great reviews on all this stuff but I think I can add to the mix with my "real world" experience with the products I have.

Keep on watching and vaping,