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Apr 2014

Live Shows - Just incase you didn't know

Yes, I do live shows and there are many live show available to you from the vaping community. I am a host with Vapersnation and we broadcast on check out the links below.

For all of vapersnation programing check out this link

To directly access live vapersnations check out this link

To check out all other programing simply access this link

To be aware when I'm live on my google hangouts or Skype follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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One Coil, Two Coil, Three Coil, FOUR - How do I calculate the Final Resistance?

I try to make a little sense out of how to calculate the final resistance for doing multi coils. Hopefully this helps. - Kamry K300 - Disposable E-Cigar

I was contacted back in February by a rep for asking if I would be interested in reviewing a couple of products from their website. I said Oki Doki and here are the results.

The website is

Link for the K300:

Link for the disposable E-Cigar:

VAPEBOX & Shout Outs to Suck my Mod and Duke Carico

I got my April VAPEBOX and wanted to share it with you all. I also wanted to acknowledge two others, Suck my Mod and Duke Carico for their kind words.

Search for CiaoVapes, Suck my Mod and Duke Carico on YouTube and please subscribe.

Dual Macro Coils With Cotton On The Kraken The ArmedVaper Way

I had a request to do a macro coil setup on my Kraken so here it is in all its glory.